The 'Artist Way'

I wanted to create an intro product and have fun while I did it. So instead of boring research and computer work, I used the Artsist way approach to play and experiment instead.

The 'Artist Way'
Photo by Patrick Tomasso / Unsplash

I've been exploring different ways of creating my first product series for Small Gorilla Marketing Co. A human connection marketing company I run with my husband.

Here's the low down.

I wanted to write at least two books this year. Half the year has already passed. I have lots of words but I really needed to iron out my ideas. So instead of just painfully plowing through, I decided to make an intro product that could help me workshop my ideas right now.

Creative and useful card decks

Instead of jumping into making the books, I've decided to make card decks.

Each card deck would consist of a singular idea boiled down to a prompt or text, plus an illustration or some type of art and a cohesive back graphic.

In order to pull this off, I had to explore and experiment with different mediums. So instead of going the traditional (& boring) route, I decided to use the creative process I learned in the Artist Way, by Julia Cameron, where I go off exploring doing whatever my heart called to me.

This week's experiments consisted of watercolor and graphic shapes.

Here's a peek.

This is just the beginning stay tuned for more to come.