Step away

Why is it so hard to enjoy life today? I work hard but I want to learn how to play hard too. Today is the day I choose to start living.

Step away

Today is the day I start living my life as if I've already made it. Woop 🙌🏾

I reluctantly stopped debugging an error code that was frustrating me to no end, and went off to hang with Joshua at the beach. We grabbed breakfast & chilled at High Tide coffeeshop.

At first, I was filled with tension... not wanting to let go. But as we drove, I realized that THIS was my life and the whole reason for working so hard. (ie To have days where I can just be and hang out)

It was sooooooooo hard, but I had to surrender and let go and partake in the GOOD LIFE now! Even without the code being fixed, and the newsletters not being done. I want to, need to, and am eager to learn how to LIVE NOW. To get out of the bad habit of waiting for later, when everything is done and all of the boxes are checked.

Here's to many more days filled with creative BEING.  (not just doing)

PS: When I got home, I received an email from support, saying that error was on their end and all should be well now. Whaaaaaat. I couldn't believe it. All of my worrying and HOURS of code investigating for nothing. I'm glad Joshua talked me into taking a break and have a little fun. ✨