Not a word

I haven't done a spoken word in a decade... but here goes nothing.

Not a word
Photo by Pradeep Charles / Unsplash

So for black history at got invited to participate in a celebration event. I hadn't spoken words in over 10 years, but I knew it was in me, so I said yes.

Well, over the next few weeks my schedule got really full and on top of my work I was also scheduled to be at a retreat right up until a few hours before the big event.

Fast forward I'm off at retreat the day before the event and I still haven't written or rehearsed one single word. I started to panic, right there while I was trying to focus on being fully present at the retreat. I did ok while I was in the sessions but I couldn't sleep because I wanted to work on the piece, but I literally had no time and I was dead tired. So I finally had to tell myself to let it go. Every time a thought of the unwritten poem rose up, I just surrendered it, and tried to trust the process even though I had no idea what I was going to do.

So I finished out the retreat, still with no words on the page. It was the night of the show. I drove back into town, and before I could even unpack my bags, I got ready to head to the venue a little early so I could write and rehearse what the heck I was going to say.

I got to the venue, and went off by myself As I sat down to write, the words just flowed out. I scribbled a few lines out, rearranged some words, and bam it was done.  I can't believe I was stressed for no reason. I simply kept reciting the lines over and over... then went to mingle and wait for them to call me up. "You want a mic check the audio asked me, nope I'm fine". He might of thought I was a pro, but I just really didn't want to hear myself on the mic, until it was time to just get it over. Finally, the time had come and I did it. I got through and a rush of familiarity came over me, it felt like it did 10 years ago. I had a little hiccup toward the end, but I think only I knew.

Everyone raved about it, while I kept checking their eyes to see if I believed them. After some invites to do it again, and to record a video of the performance so they could have it...I was convinced that it was ok. Wow, all that stress for nothing. Sometimes we need to simply say yes, do our best then trust the process.

A new song

by Enrika Greathouse

The opportunity is all around us
Oh how I love the sound


Wrapped in love that covers
Forgiveness for self & others

A heritage rich and strong
both right & wrong

Sacrifice and

under God

But God’s love
washes over me

Even thru the blasphemy
Love Wraps me with love

a master’s touch



For the hardship
Because it's making me FRUITFUL

Shining bright
with luminous light
I choose to

Receive glory WITHIN

A divine shine

not easily

Joy not easily

Leave sorrow
For tomorrow

Today I choose joy

Let go of the
the past
With a love that outlasts
The shallows

though I walk
Through these shadows

I Fear no evil

Even when it’s near me
God is closer

Through whispers
& Ancestors' hymns

a praise rose up

Love reminds me

I am not alone

With unity, we cry
A new song.